The Sig Sauer P-320 X-5 LEGION has arrived. Come on in and check out this awesome firearm.

We just received our new shipment of Sig Sauer pistols. Come on in and see the 1911 Emperor Scorpion. The P-226 Legion S.A.O. is also in stock, as well as a selection of P-238's and P-938's. We also have a small quantity of Sig P-365's in stock. At L&L Sports, the entire Sig Sauer line is always available to us. If we do not have the Sig Sauer you are looking for in stock, we will order it for you. We have also received our first order of Kimber pistols for 2019. Come in and see the new Micro-9's and 1911's. We also have the new Kimber Evo, 9mm striker fired pistol. We also have the Glock 43-X and Glock 48 pistols in stock. These firearms are very popular and they will not last long. We are also a Glock stocking dealer. So come on in and get your Sig Sauer, Kimber or Glock today.



The Sig Sauer A.P.P. allows us to offer most of the Sig Sauer firearms line to qualified first responders and other armed professionals at special Sig Sauer pricing. You must come in to the store and provide the required qualifying identification before a price quote can be provided. Sig Sauer does not permit the advertising of A.P.P. pricing or the quoting of A.P.P. prices over the phone. This program is open to both active and retired professionals who possess qualifying identification.

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About Us



 L&L  Sports has been in the firearms business for 20+ years. We have been at  our Harrison N.Y. location since November of 2016.  We are a full  service shooting sports retailer. We sell new and used firearms. We also  sell ammunition, optics, optics mounting accessories, cleaning supplies  and many other shooting sports related accessories. We are Certified  Sig Sauer, and Glock armorers as well as 1911 and AR-15 platform  armorers. 



 We  carry a full line of fine firearms. L&L Sports is an Authorized  Benelli, Glock, H&K, Sig Sauer, and Spikes Tactical dealer. We are  also a Kimber master dealer. We sell many other firearms as well,  including Browning, Colt, Remington, Black Aces tactical, Ruger and  Smith & Wesson. 


Firearms Training

 L&L  Sports along with our partners at Fortress Consulting group offer a  variety of firearms courses for every skill level. From our introduction  to firearm handling and safety to our handgun essentials 101 course, to  the N.R.A. basic pistol course. N.R.A. Personal protection in the home  and outside the home course. We also offer basic and advanced rifle and  shotgun classes. 


The P.P.I.H. course is 2 days and also includes a lecture covering article 35 of the NYS penal law. Range day: **Range day and time can be scheduled to accomodate the student

Calendar of Events/Updates


Training/Range days & Updates

Handgun Essentials 101

9:00 AM-4:00 PM. Fortress consulting. Classroom location: 194 Brady Ave.,

 Suite-223, Hawthorne NY 10532. Cost: $125.00. Please use one of the links below to sign up for one of our upcoming classes. You must register for a class at least 4 days prior to the class date so we have an accurate account of the number of attendees for the class.




Open Range Day

L&L Sports and our partners at Fortress consulting occasionally host open range days. At our open range days there are instructors on hand to help with shooting development as well as to teach some new shooting techniques and skills. This is not another stand at the firing line and shoot day. You will be shooting from different positions, shooting at different targets and shooting on the move**. We charge $60.00 per person for up to 5 hours of range time.

 YOU MUST possess a valid NYS handgun permit to shoot on this day. Please watch our website for information on dates and times for open range days.

** Prior approval from one of our instructors is required to participate in shooting on the move exercises.

Future Events/Updates

N.R.A. Range safety officer course.......

Please monitor this page for dates, times, and details. We will be posting the schedule soon. A working knowledge of firearms and basic firearm safety is a pre requisite for attending this course. You DO NOT need a valid NY State Pistol Permit to attend this course. Once the announcement is posted, please refer to the course outline for further information. 

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H&K VP-9, 9mm W/4" barrel, and 2-10rd. mags....WAS...$719.00...ON SALE NOW....$675.00

H&K VP-9B (VP-9 with grip mounted push button mag release) Limited run......….. $720.00

SPECIAL PURCHASE ( only 2 in stock )

H&K VP-9SK, 9mm W/3.4" barrel and 2-10 rd. mags............….........…......…........…$650.00

We carry a full line of Sig Sauer, H&K and Glock handguns. Please call or email us for pricing and availability.

We are a Kimber master dealer and we stock Kimber handguns. If we do not have the Kimber you are looking for in stock. We can get it for you. Please call or email us for pricing and availability.

Looking for a specific handgun? Give us a call, or email us with your needs. We have a large selection to choose from. If we do not have it in stock we will be happy to order it for you.


Benelli M-2 Tactical 12ga. W/non-pistolgrip tactical stock 5+1 mag...……………….…….$1359.00

P.O.F. Constable AR platform 5.56mm cal. firearm. Classified  as " OTHER ".

 A sporting firearm alternative to the fixed mag/receiver spur/thordsen stock

 requirement. You need to see this firearm......…...……………………………………………......$1200.00

The P.O.F. Constable is also available in .308 caliber..................…......…......…...…......…$1850.00

We stock a full line of Benelli shotguns. Please call or email us for pricing and availability.

We sell Aero Precision,Browning,Franchi,and Mossberg as well as many other fine firearms.

We stock Aero Pricision, and Spikes Tactical stripped lower receivers. If there is a specific long gun you are looking for, please email us or call us for pricing and availability.


Franchi I-12, Camo. 12ga. 30" barrel...……......…………...…...……...…………...…...……...…$600.00

Glock 43 9mm cal. pistol W/6 mags...…......…….....................…..................……...…...…..$450.00

Glock 43 9mm cal. pistol W/2 extended 8 round mags.....................….........…...…...…$450.00

Kimber Micro-9 9mm pistol, 2 sets of grips W/10 mags...…..............................…...…..$700.00

Kimber Micro-9 9mm pistol O.D. green frame W/11 mags.........…......…...….........…...$700.00

Our pre owned firearm stock changes frequently, so please contact us for an updated list of what we have in stock. Please call us or email us for pricing and availability.


We stock and sell most popular brands of handgun, rifle, and shotgun ammunition including Armscor, CCI, Federal, Hornady, Magtech, Remington, Sellier & Bellot, Sig Sauer and Winchester.

Any ammo questions, please contact us.


L&L Sports is proud to stock and sell One Of A Kind FMB custom knives. If you are not familiar with FMB knives, please come in and take a look at these fine examples of custom knife manufacturing. Every knife is hand made, one of a kind perfection. The man himself makes these one at a time and every blade is hand sharpened. These knives are beautiful.

As the man says " knives made by a hunter for hunters "

We also sell a selection of utility and hunting knives by Boker, Schrade, Emerson and others.


As per Federal Law a background check will be performed for every firearm purchase, 


Handguns sold to prospective or current NY state permit holders will be held in safekeeping until receipt of proper pistol permit paperwork.

Handgun ammo sold only to valid pistol permit holders. NO EXCEPTIONS.

No persons under the age of 18 is permitted in the store unless accompanied by a parent or guardian.

This is not a complete list of company policies. For a complete list, please speak to the management.

Company policy/policies may change without notice. If you have a company policy question and your question is not covered here, please contact the management.

                                                                        POLICY UPDATE:



                                   Firearms storage and hold policy 

11/01/2019-This policy replaces all previous policies in effect. 

This policy pertains to any and ALL firearms received from out of state dealers for transfer to a local customer as well as ALL firearms being held for safe keeping. The firearm policy addressing handguns being held awaiting Westchester county pistol permit amendment applies to ALL Handguns whether the handgun was purchased from an out of state dealer or purchased from L&L Sports. As of 11/01/2019 L&L Sports will continue to provide storage space for any and all firearms received for safe keeping and all firearms received for transfer from any other firearms dealer or private person. All firearms accepted into inventory pending receipt of amended pistol permit or held for safe keeping will be subject to the following rules regarding storage of said firearm(s). 

Firearm held pending amended pistol permit:

The customer has 60 days from time of purchase and issuance of pistol permit amendment paperwork to return and retrieve their handgun. Should there be any delay in receipt of amended paperwork from the pistol permit bureau, the customer MUST advise L&L Sports as to the reason for the delay. Notification of delay must be made in writing prior to the 60 day window. It is the customers responsibility to submit their pistol permit amendment paperwork in a timely manner.  After 60 days of storage of a handgun which is awaiting pick up by the buyer. A $10.00 per week storage fee will be assessed until the firearm is picked up. 

Firearm received from an out of state dealer for transfer to local customer:

The recipient of any firearm which has been received from an out of state dealer has 5 business days from receipt of firearm to retrieve their firearm or proper paperwork. Long gun transfers MUST be completed within 5 business days. Handgun transfer paperwork MUST be completed within 5 business days. The customer MUST advise L&L Sports within 5 days of receipt of delivery if they are unable to retrieve their paperwork or firearm within the allotted time frame. After 5 days of storage if the customer has not advised L&L Sports of a delay and has not picked up pistol permit paperwork or the long gun in question. There will be a $10.00 per week storage fee assessed in addition to the set $50.00 transfer fee for all firearms.  

Firearms being held for safe keeping: 

Any and ALL firearms received by us from any individual or law enforcement agency which are to be held in safe keeping will be subject to a transfer and storage fee of $50.00. The customer requesting safe keeping of a firearm or firearms MUST advise L&L Sports of their intentions for said firearm(s) within 60 days of receipt of said firearm(s) by L&L Sports. ALL FIREARMS held in safe keeping for more than 180 days without contact by the owner(s) and without the owner(s) providing a clear disposition of said firearms will become the property of L&L Sports. Every effort will be made to contact the owner(s) at least 10 business days in advance prior to L&L Sports taking ownership of said firearm(s).  

Our current policy regarding NEW and USED handgun purchases made from L&L Sports and the corresponding paperwork needing to be submitted to pistol permit bureaus will remain the same. New permit holder applicants will have 1 year from time of purchase to retrieve their handgun. The new permit applicant MUST contact L&L Sports and advise us prior to the 1-year limit of any delay that would extend the 1-year time frame. Applicants who purchase a new or used handgun and are subject to the pistol permit amendment process MUST ABIDE by the previous policy change stated on page 1 of this document.

We regret that these new policies need to be instituted. However, recent inventory inspections have shown that L&L Sports has limited storage available for firearm(s) stored long term, awaiting customer pick up.



 If you are looking to purchase a firearm online, please call us first. We may be able to meet or beat the online price and save you some money. Give us a call. You have nothing to lose. 

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